Greaseproof Paper - Custom Printed Food Grade PaperGreaseproof Paper - Custom Printed Food Grade Paper

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Greaseproof Paper

TopCare is the leading supplier of custom printed greaseproof paper or commonly known as butter paper. You can upload your logo, pick the best design from our templates or upload your own artwork. Get a call back to confirm your order, it's that simple. Greaseproof Paper commonly also known as Butter Paper is the perfect solution to wrap around or use as a liner beneath any heavy oil food product. Greaseproof paper can be custom printed with your logo and delivered to your door in just 2-3 weeks. Boost your branding now and get your customized greaseproof now!

Personalised Greaseproof Paper

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How is Topcare's Greaseproof Paper different from others?

  • 100% Natural & Organic
  • 100% Food Safe, Multi-Purpose, Made in Europe Paper
  • Oil & Greaseproof with High Wet Strength
  • Suitable for wide variety of cuisines (for both hot & cold food)
  • Oven, Microwave and Freezer Safe
  • Vegetable based inks used for printing
  • 100% Biodegradable, Compostable and Recyclable
  • 2-3 week delivery time
  • Standard and custom sheet sizes available
  • US FDA, European EFSA & Indian FSSAI Certified
FSSAI Approval

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Why switch to Personalised Greaseproof paper?

Greaseproof paper is the 21st century innovation for your branding and utility needs for your restaurant, cafe, cloud kitchen needs.This new food service sheet does it all while taking your food presentation game to the next level! Businesses like yours now have the ability to transform your food service paper into a work of art. The greaseproof paper application holds the grease and doesn't allow it to seep through, also making sure that the food doesn’t stick. Our multipurpose greaseproof paper is the perfect liner for food trays, wrap food, along with many more uses. The paper helps maintain the appearance of the food, while keeping the flavor intact. It's your chance to leave an everlasting impression on your customers in the time when branding is the key.
Greaseproof Paper or Butter Paper is the perfect solution for fried foods, greasy foods, hot & cold foods, oils & sauces, heavy dishes, basket liners, tray liners, food wraps and so much more! This is the most versatile sheet on the market today!

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About Us

SOLO TopCare is a realization of quality and safety with sustainability as a core tenet. The evolution of our community’s desire to lead a healthy and sustainable life requires us to do away with many of our traditional practices in search for a better future. At TopCare we are continuously developing products that change our lives for the better. We believe it is our responsibility to assist everyone who uses our products, to help care for their family and themselves in the smallest ways possible to help them overcome the increasing challenges we face to lead the healthy life we all desire. After years of research, we developed TopCare Food Wrapping as well as Baking and Cooking Paper to put an end to the rampant use of fatal aluminium foils. These products are sourced from Europe and are 100% Food Healthy. Where aluminium foil not only makes the food toxic, it also harms the environment, both during production as well as disposal process, Solo TopCare promises safe disposal, recyclability as well as compostability to mother nature. This way, TopCare resonates with Solo's innate objective of bringing sustainable, environmental-friendly food packaging solutions, in un-compromised quality that is also safe for the community. TopCare's products are natural and organic thus offering the care that every consumer deserves.

We take pride in sourcing the raw material for the TopCare products from the heart of Europe by methods prescribed by the Forest Stewardship Council, the foremost authority in the domain. The raw materials are subsequently processed under the most hygienic conditions and with careful monitoring systems in place across production, packaging and transportation stages.

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